23.03.2021 Sophie Streibl

Our Favourites: Three Impressive Museum Buildings Right on the Water

The Victoria & Albert Museum in Dundee, Scotland, "The Twist" in the Kistefos Sculpture Park in Norway and the Cais do Sertão on the quay of the Brazilian port city of Recife skilfully stage their exhibits.

Portal Between City and Sea: V&A Museum in Dundee

The Victoria & Albert Museum has opened a new branch in Dundee, Scotland. The new building by Kengo Kuma & Associates represents an important aspect of the comprehensive transformation of the local harbour district and takes up typical forms of Scotland’s coastal landscape.

Architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates

Location: 1 Riverside Esplanade, Dundee DD1 4EZ (GB)

Photo: Hufton + Crow

Photo: Hufton + Crow

A Tectonic Puzzle in Kistefos Sculpture Park: The Twist by BIG

The Twist by BIG features three museum spaces in a rotating aluminum body that bridges the Randselva River in Kistefos Sculpture Park.

Client: Kistefos Museum
Architecture: BIG
Location: Samsmoveien 41, 3520 Jevnaker (NO)

Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu

Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu


Cultures of the Região Nordeste: Cais do Sertão by Brasil Arquitetura

Cais do Sertão by Brasil Arquitetura is a museum dedicated to northeastern Brazilian culture on the quay in Recife. A huge cobogó façade adorns the long sides of the building.

Architecture: Brasil Arquitetura

Location: Armazen 10 - Av. Alfredo Lisboa, s/n - Recife Antigo, Recife - PE, 50030-150 (BR)

Photo: Nelson Kon

Photo: Nelson Kon

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