Our Finds From the Salone Del Mobile in Milan

There was a lot of catching up to do, particularly on the social side of things. After all, designers from around the world always used to travel to Milan for the Salone; now they are doing it again. Thematically, the 2022 show focused not only on innovations, but also on how to treat our heritage and our awareness of sustainability factors. The Salone del Mobile celebrated its 60th year with an installation by Bologna architect Mario Cucinella that could be seen on the fairgrounds, on an area measuring 1400 m². Reflecting on the events of the past couple of years, the architect created a space that concentrates on social connections and sharing.

Arper: Metal table Aerii by Peter Kunz

Lightweight, modular furniture

Arper presented current innovations such as the modular Shaal sofa by Doshi Levien, the Aeeri metal table by Peter Kunz, the side tables from the Ghia collection by Altherr Désile Park and the Oell side tables by Jean-Marie Massaud. Aeeri, an ultra-slender table designed by Peter Kunz for Arper, is only one millimetre thick; it is made of a single folded sheet of steel. The tabletop of black, white or red lacquered steel is combined with metal legs that are available in two lengths.

OMA for UniFor

UniFor presented Principles, a new collection of office furniture developed in collaboration with the international architecture studio OMA. UniFor and OMA first worked together in 2018, when they created the Axel Springer Campus in Berlin. The furniture has been reworked and optimized as a modular, adaptable collection. What’s more, Principles was displayed in and in front of the impressive Fondazione Feltrinelli building, which was designed by Herzog & de Meuron.

UniFor © Delfino Sisto Legnani and Alessandro Saletta

Lively happenings in the city

In the garden of the new Vmaison luxury hotel in the Brera, Ames exhibited many new outdoor pieces, including the Cartagenas Reina chair by Sebastian Herkner in a special edition featuring unconventional colours. This limited-edition piece was inspired by the plumage of Colombian hummingbirds. At the same time, Herkner realized a carousel for Thonet that was displayed in the special historical spaces of the Circolo Filologico. This venue also exhibited new products by Werner Aisslinger, Herkner and Marialaura Rossiello-Irvine.

Ames at Vmaison
Thonet Karussell im Circolo Folologico – mit Neuheiten unter anderem von Sam Hecht

Indeed, the list of things that Sebastian Herkner has not designed is growing ever shorter. The busy designer from Offenbach, a town by Frankfurt, can now check off a further area of work, for he and his team have designed the bathroom ceramics series known as Zencha for Duravit. This collection comprises tubs, sinks and mirrors. It is based on the basic shape of a square with rounded corners. The tub and sink are finished with slightly scrolled rims. Fantini presented new bathroom ideas such as new fittings created in cooperation with Venini as well as updates to the Venezia and Nostromo collections. Agape also introduced several new products and updates to its bathroom collection, including pieces by Patricia Urquiola, Jean Nouvel, Benedini Associati, Garcia Cumini, Alessandro Andreucci and Marco Carini. Natural materials and manufacturing processes took centre stage.

Innovations in light

Herzog & de Meuron have expanded the Unterlinden series for Artemide, one of the few lighting manufacturers present at the fair. The El Porís luminaire is another newcomer. Otherwise, the Bjarke Ingels Group set the tone at Artemide. In fact, BIG has now practically become the in-house designer for the Italian manufacturer. The palette of designs created by the team surrounding BIG partner Jakob Lange ranges from the delicate Vine Light reading lamp to the more imposing Line Chandelier.

© Artemide El Porís

Foscarini presents Nile by Rodolfo Dordoni, which goes into production this year, in an exhibition curated by Ferruccio Laviani. Also: new designs by Francesco Meda and Ferruccio Laviani. Czech studio Lasvit, known for its experimental approach to Bohemian glass, presented Sanctum, a series of installations showcasing their use of hand-blown crystal and their nuanced approach to lighting design. Curated by Maxim Velčovský, artistic director of Lasvit, the show featured the latest creations - including new series by Yabu Pushelberg and David Rockwell. NG

Messe: Salone del Mobile 
Standort: Mailand, Italien (IT)

Produktkategorie: Interior und Licht

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