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With transparent roofs and facades made of Texlon ETFE, the company Vector Foiltec has made a major contribution to setting new standards in recent architecture. As the world market leader in architectural foil construction and inventor of the Texlon ETFE system, we have already completed over 1500 international projects. Our system shapes stadia constructions, atria, shopping centers, zoos and garden parks, public buildings, swimming pools, schools and universities all over the world. Our technology of fluoropolymer foils can be processed in a variety of ways. Whether as a one-layer or multi-layer system, Texlon ETFE stands for high-performance building envelopes with an outstanding eco-balance.


Vector Foiltec invented and pioneered the use of Texlon ETFE over 40 years ago and is the only company in the world whose core business is ETFE cladding. Our team of experts has been responsible for most major technical innovations in the field. Through extensive investment in Research & Development and a commitment to superior quality and performance, we continue to be the global market leader. With a total of 18 branches and 2 production sites, we are represented in countries such as Australia, USA, China and the United Kingdom, combining local know-ledge with global expertise.


Our Texlon ETFE system has already proven itself in all climatic zones of the globe and is one of the most powerful and sustainable technologies for transparent roof and façade systems. It is significantly less energy required to produce our foil elements than for the production of comparable technologies, in addition, they are 100 % recyclable, translucent and stain-resistant. Our system improves the carbon footprint of a building remarkably: In 2011, we were the first company in the world to receive an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for transparent cladding.


Alena Behrmann
Senior Marketing Manager


E-Mail: marketing@vector-foiltec.com

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