Cultural Centre in Modular Construction

System construction specialist Alho constructed the three-part building with its total of 40 steel modules in just under six months. The four-storey building houses reception, technology and storage areas as well as individual offices and meeting rooms. A roof terrace offers unique views of the former industrial plants and blast furnaces of Esch.

Offset from this part of the building and rotated by 90 degrees is a block that is three storeys higher. It contains, among other things, a conference room and several openplan offices. The seven full storeys were both a novelty and a design challenge for Alho, with a total of 150 tonnes of steel being used.

The third part of the building functions as a distribution core with an open stair tower and an elevator. It is clad with a stainless-steel mesh. The facade of the north, east and west sides of the 4- and 7-storey buildings stands out clearly. It consists of red aluminium panels with 25 round windows, each 1.75 m in diameter on the upper floors. A total of 92 grey and red solar panels on the south side and 16 panels on the roof generate approximately 17,500 kW/h of electricity annually. Should the building be dismantled one day, the circular economy principle will apply: it will be disassembled into its individual steel modules, which can be recycled and reassembled.

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