Lamella Facade for a Clinic in Cologne

The Aachen-based office Kada­wittfeldarchitektur planned and ­designed the CIO, the Centre ­for Integrated Oncology at the University Hospital Cologne. ­The building has 7 floors and ­is grouped around two atriums. ­Its gross floor area is around 36,000 m2. For high recognition value, the planners created a two-coloured facade. Curtain-­type aluminium slats with a triangular cross-section extend vertically over the entire height of the building. They depict two different images, each in the form of ­a stylised canopy of leaves. ­
One side of the slats ­is painted in different shades of red, while the other is coated in shades of green. The slats have been given the premium Duraflon wet-paint finish. The fluoropolymer wet-paint system Duraflon resists ­adverse weather conditions and environmental influences. According to the manufacturer, this means no colour changes should occur in the long term. Dirt is washed away with the rainwater or does not adhere. This ­also eliminates the need for time-consuming cleaning.


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