20.10.2020 Sophie Streibl

Our Favourites: Three park landscapes in urban space

A colourful landscape park in Copenhagen, the Koper Central Park in Slovenia and the pink children's park in Mexicali set new accents in urban space.

Three colours – Red Black Green: Landscape Park in Copenhagen

With a length of almost one and a half kilometres, the landscape park Superkilen stretches through the north-west of Nørrebro, a multi-cultural district in Copenhagen considered to be one of the most socially challenged areas of Denmark. The striking open space concept aims to strengthen the different identities and characters of the district. A mono-functional thoroughfare has been turned into a contemporary space with a variety of different qualities, reflecting the urban reality of Superkilen.

Architecture: Topotek 1 + BIG Architects + Superflex
Location: Nørrebro, Copenhagen


Monolithic water islands: Koper Central Park by Enota

The Koper Central Park by Enota is an exemplary prototype of the shapes that urban open spaces along the Slovenian Adriatic coast can take.

Client: Koper Municipality
Architecture: Enota
Location: Koper (SI)

Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

Photo: Nanna Flachs

Photo: Torben Eskerod

Photo: Miran Kambič

Photo: Miran Kambič

Urban Revival: Kinder Park in Mexicali by DVCH
For the Valle de Puebla residential complex in suburban Mexicali, which lies on the Mexican border to Calexico, California, DVCH Arquitectos have created a bright-pink children’s park as a hub for neighbourhood encounters and interaction. Existing footpaths on the previously undeveloped lot have been organically integrated into the park, where they lead to the various play equipment and the sports field.

Client: Fundación Hogares, Infonavit (MX)
Architecture: DVCH De Villar CHacon Arquitectos (MX)
Location: Mexicali, Baja California (MEX)

Photo: Lorena Darquea

Photo: Lorena Darquea

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