Barkow Leibinger

Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger founded their American/German office in Berlin in 1993, which today employs some 80 people. The scope of Barkow Leibinger’s projects ranges from public buildings and office buildings to residential and industrial interiors within existing buildings. The central focus of the firm – building for medium- and large-scale companies – includes, in addition to drawing up long-term master plans for site development, the planning and realization of representative and functional buildings for production, logistics and administration (such as the company restaurant for the Trumpf company in Ditzingen). In recent years, "Tour Total", the German headquarters of the French mineral oil corporation located near Berlin's main train station, the Fellows Pavilion for the American Academy in Berlin and the Serpentine Summer House in London have, among other projects, been completed. Most recently completed were the Trumpf Smart Factory in Chicago and the Harvard ArtLab in Cambridge. The office's self-understanding is characterized by relays between practice, research and teaching. Recently, all three areas have focused on the question of how digital manufacturing technologies and mechanically, mass-produced elements can be deployed in such a way that they not only complement architecture as surface or accessory, but also contribute to creating constructive, spatial structures. 

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