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Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture, Engineering & Construction

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From 10 to 14 October 2022, the IntCDC Excellence Cluster will be holding the Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture, Engineering & Construction at Stuttgart University. The specialist lectures in in English are aimed at a wide section of the public and will be easily comprehensible.

© ICD/ITKE/IntCDC Universität Stuttgart

What are the most suitable construction materials in view of the climate crisis? How can they be produced with solar energy and not in blast furnaces? How can they be deployed in even more optimal manner? And what can a scientific excellence cluster contribute towards sustainable construction for the future? 

Timber, concrete and fibrous materials are the research fields of the Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Future-proof Architecture (IntCDC) excellence cluster at Stuttgart University. The concrete results will be on view in future at a test building at the Vaihingen campus. Now the scientists are taking the halfway point in their research period as an opportunity to present the results of their research in easily comprehensible manner to a wide section of the public for the first time.

© ICD/ITKE/IntCDC Universität Stuttgart

Announcing the event, Professor Achim Menges, director of IntCDC, states, "A focal research area is concerned with exploring the savings potential of valuable material resources through optimized computer-generated shaping and forming, modifications in the materials themselves, and new robotic manufacturing techniques – not only on the factory floor but also at the building site". As he continues, "Thin caisson plywood, gradient concrete and dissolved structures made of carbon-, glass- and natural fibres could decisively change construction work of the future".

© ICD/ITKE/IntCDC University of Stuttgart, Christoph Zechmeister

On three conference days, top-flight speakers from the fields of architecture, engineering geodesy, production and systems engineering, computer science and robotics and also the humanities and social sciences will be reporting on the interdisciplinary research and practical testing of novel, integrative planning methods and pioneering sustainable construction techniques. 

© ICD/ITKE/IntCDC Universität Stuttgart

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Participants in the IntCDC Conference 2022 will have the opportunity to gain insights into interdisciplinary research on 13.10.2022. On 14.10.2022, international architects and civil engineers will present outstanding built examples of computation design at the SOM International Research and Design Forum 2022. At the event Cornell University will be represented as well as Princeton University, MIT, UCL, TU Delft, TU München, University of Michigan and also the office Barkow Leibinger, Ensamble Studio, Fast + Epp, SOM, Studio Utrabo and Transsolar. Bill Baker of SOM will hold the laudatio for the award winner Werner Sobek.

© ICD/ITKE/IntCDC Universität Stuttgart

In the run-up to the two public conferences, the SFB 1244 Conference 2022: Adaptive Skins and Structures for the Built Environment of Tomorrow is being held on 11.10.2022. The conferences are recognized as advanced training by architectural associations.

Conference: Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Conference venue: City Campus der Universität Stuttgart (DE)
Conference dates: 10. till 14. October 2022

Further information: www.intcdc.uni-stuttgart.de

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