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Church of Santa Maria Goretti

The church, dedicated to Saint Maria Goretti, has been designed to feature as a distinctive building within the context it is placed. The main façade, which overlooks the new square of the church, is characterized by few essential elements, which define the main symbols of the Christian tradition, such as the entrance door and the cross.

Architect: Mario Cucinella Architects
Location: 87026 Mormanno, Italy
The layout has a natural look and a flowing structure, which draws inspiration from the curves of Baroque architecture. It creates a monumental and dynamic appearance, in which the central space relates differently with each one of the side chapels.

Artifacts have been conceived by taking into account the overall architectural concept, along with the specific interior-spaces they will be placed in. The idea is to make art and architecture to coexist without compromising their autonomy. For this purpose, the interior decorations make an extensive use of traditional materials like marble, bronze and mosaic, thus creating an interplay with the baroque features of the innovative architecture.
Thanks to the application of passive design’s principles, the building makes the best use of available natural resources. Natural ventilation and lighting enable the building to relate harmoniously with the surrounding environment, thus limiting the resort to mechanical plants.
Project data

Team: Mario Cucinella, Luca Sandri, Alberto Casarotto, Alberto Bruno
Artist: Giuseppe Maraniello
Liturgist: Don Amilcare Zuffi
Structural engineering: Favero & Milan
Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing: Manens – TIFS
Lighting consultants: Cannata Lightning Design
Rendering 3D: ENGRAM

Surface: 450 m²
Construction: 2012
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