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Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre

About 2,700 participants worked on their submissions for the 12th ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award – in two meetings the jury made their decision.
The international architecture competition was called in order to select the design of Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre, which is to be the first institution in Turkey with intended facilities. Istanbul metropolitan municipality is willing to establish a centre fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities in order to be prepared against a disaster that may affect Istanbul and to develop public consciousness about the disasters and specifically about earthquakes. The centre will also be hosting relevant courses, congresses and seminars.
Equipped with visual and audio educational appliances and simulation systems, the centre will allow experiencing earthquake, hurricane, fire fighting, smoke, liquefaction, tsunami, first aid and emergency communications. It is also intended to offer information to the visitors through planetarium, library, seminar/meeting halls, information boards, etc. which are to be designed using the latest technology.
Action Zone
The site is located in a newly developing field in Bak?rköy district and is close to Atatürk International Airport. The project site is a vacant plot, being used as a car park and covering approximately 27,000 meters square. The site is surrounded by Ayamama Creek, CNR Expo Center, WoW Istanbul Hotel and Airport Shopping Mall. With metro stations located nearby as well as the highway and metro bus lines, the site offers easy access for both the pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
1st prize: Radionika Arhitekture from Croatia
Description (extract)
The context in which the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre will be located, unlike many of incredible places in the city of Istanbul, does not ask for too much respect. That's why we are not fighting with the unnecessary fitting into the environment. Instead of "competing" with large and architecturally inarticulate buildings which surround the place for the construction, we've chosen "ignore". Then we formed a new microcosm, equally traditional and contemporary. Among high rise buildings, we built a flat house...
2nd prize: Group8Asia from Vietnam
Description (extract)
The approach to such a complex issue needs to be addressed with caution and humility. The critical question when humans define natural disasters is addressed here by avoiding the typically assumed or even expected monumentality that demonstrates the dramatic power of man over nature. Could we instead celebrate natural disasters by creating an iconic piece of architecture within the urban fabric of Istanbul?
3rd prize: 109architectes from Lebanon
Description (extract)
Disaster prevention is about information and communication, it is about network. The flow of information before a disaster is essential to educate people and prepare for effective reactions during and after a catastrophic event. Once a disaster occurs, that same communication network is crucial for assessing the needs of victims within the disaster zone and advising on action.
More about the competition and winners on www.thyssenkrupp-elevator-architecture.com
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