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We Never Stop Learning – Despite BIM

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Even with BIM, “planning at the touch of a button” remains a dream. Anyone who wants to work successfully with the method must be willing to keep learning, says Frank Rudolph of KSP Engel.

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Over the past few years, which areas of planning and building have undergone the greatest changes thanks to digitization?
In the past few years, cooperation with all those involved in planning has constantly improved with the use of multidisciplinary software for coordination and collaboration. Testing programs such as Solibri and Navisworks, as well as collaboration platforms like BIMcollab and Bimsync, have now established themselves. Model-based determination of various factors, for instance quantities, weights and costs, creates a great degree of transparency in planning from which everyone can benefit. Furthermore, there has been a noticeable leap forward in the use and quality of visualizations. 

Where are things still not working as you would like them to?
3D modelling offers great potential – however, everyone has to accept this. It is not constructive to constantly look to the past with the belief that everything used to be better. This often happens because of uncertainty concerning our own lack of BIM competence. For quite some time, we have been dealing with the introduction of uniform standards so that cooperation will all those involved in planning will continue to improve.

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One challenge is the still-frequent problem that there is still a lack of understanding of BIM methods on the part of the clients, and sometimes on the part of the planning partners as well. Currently, we are still doing a lot of explanation work. What we are striving for here is that clients will set timely goals and specifications in order for all the necessary use cases to jibe right from the start of a project, and to enable any cooperation with the planning partners to be adequately prepared.

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How has your collaborative work changed due to BIM?
We now use digital media and systems much more intensively. Moreover, we discuss things more often in video meetings. All project coordination works better that way. To keep everyone up to date and provide an overview of the competencies and talents within a team, we offer a broad array of possibilities for training and further education. As the software in areas such as modelling, testing and evaluation is always evolving, these training sessions are vital. Moreover, in project processing we are laying increasing value on predefined process flows in terms of 3D modelling, quality control and the exchange of data, as well as in terms of the evaluations and continued use of data that come directly from the models. 

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© KSP Engel

What mistakes must be avoided at any cost when working with BIM?
Please don’t set off without a map! Using BIM without previous instruction will lead to frustration. Unless everyone undergoes comprehensive education and further training, it will not be productive for either architects or anyone else involved in the project. When the team feels confident about using BIM, the motivation is palpable and creative approaches develop. By the same token, don’t start without a thorough analysis of the project. This should include not only demand for trained staff, but also for the available infrastructure, for instance by having the appropriate software licenses and high-performance work computers. The idea that BIM means everything can be completed at the touch of a button should be rejected out of hand. BIM is a method that must be learned and constantly improved in order to achieve actual progress.

Frank Rudolph is the Director of Digital Tools at the KSP Engel architecture studio in Frankfurt/Main.



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