Materializing Architecture in Motion

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The installation Animate Concrete, for the Dutch Design Week 2022 in Eindhoven, consists of robotically manufactured hollow components whose shape and mass distribution enable kinetic behavior. The massive-looking but lightweight hollow bodies made of a concrete and a water-based acrylic resin polymer are manufactured using the rotomolding process. They roll, wobble, rock, and can be assembled, dis-assembled, and re-assembled into versatile constructions and spatial configurations.

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In the robotic process, small amounts of liquid material are cast in a formwork, which is then slowly rotated by the robot. The material spreads along the formwork surface, creating a hollow body. The robot arm rotates the formwork in a defined path, distributing the material to create a variable wall thickness and mass distribution.

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The goal of the research is to save building material resources by minimizing material consumption and reducing the weight of precast concrete components. In addition, the components are designed to be dry-jointed and reconfigurable to allow their reuse in future structures.

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A topological interlock is created by rolling. The parts are rolling into each other to form topologically interlocking assemblies. Such dry-joint, precast concrete elements offer the chance of a permanently reconfigurable, resource-saving and interactive architecture.

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Dutch Design Week 2022

Animate Concrete is part of Robots that Build - The Extensions of Man an exhibition and two-day symposium at Dutch Design Week 2022 in Eindhoven. The show will feature large-scale models and prototypes that use robots in innovative and experimental ways in architecture and design. It is about the cooperation of man and machine, sustainable and circular materials and the potentials of digital fabrication.

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The exhibits showcase the versatile use of robotic fabrication through the application of various materials and techniques such as additive manufacturing, robotic weaving, casting and roto-molding. Materials range from concrete, steel and ceramics to wood, recycled plastic, clay, basketry and acrylic resin polymer. The exhibition will be held in the Plaza, Vertigo Building on the TU/e campus, TU Eindhoven Department of the Built Environment. HK

Exhibition: Dutch Design Week 2022
Exhebition venue: Plaza, Vertigo Building auf dem TU/e-Campus, Eindhoven (NL)
Exhibition dates: 20. October bis 21. November 2022
Exhibition opening: 20. October, 5.30 pm
Further information:
Symposium (with registration): 20. bis 21. October
Furhter information:

Projectteam: Digital Design Unit (DDU), Prof. Dr.-Ing Oliver Tessmann, Samim Mehdizadeh M.Sc., Technische Universität Darmstadt
Scientific development and project management: Samim Mehdizadeh M.Sc.
Robotic fabrication: Danial Ahmad, Mirko Dutschke, Jingwei Fang, Bingqun Liu, Joshua Schäfer, Luke Schüßler, Daniel Schinkels, Malcolm Unger, Leon Witschorke
Design Team: Nesrin Asma, Bingqun Liu, Aleyna Yanar, Ye Hong, Luke Schüßler, Daniel Schinkels, Kai Shima, Robin Wehrle, Jasmin Tietianiec, Malcolm Unger, Mashal Maria Hashimi, Jingwei Fang, Yishu Dai, Joshua Schäfer, Mirko Dutschke, Cristina Maria Calin, Sara Elif Yildiz, Tong Lee, Leonie Konz

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