09.03.2021 Sophie Streibl

Our Favourites: Three Sustainable Projects for Bicycles

Rasmus Hjortshøj, COAST, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Petra Appelhof

the Karen Blixen Plads, which is in the Danish Capital Copenhagen, a bicycle hotel in Norway and finally, a Bicycle Parkade in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

Hilly Shell Construction: Karen Blixens Plads by Cobe

In the midst of the cycling city of Copenhagen, Cobe, EKJ Consulting Engineers and CN3 have designed a public square in the form of a hilly shell construction with covered bicycle parking spaces.

Client: Danish Building and Property Agency and A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til Almene Formål
Architects: COBE
Location: Kopenhagen (DK)

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj, COAST

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj, COAST


Sustainably into the Future: Sykkel Hotell by Various Architects

A new bicycle hotel has been created in direct proximity to the train station in Lillestrøm. The goal of this project is to make cycling even more attractive for the city’s residents.

Builder: Norwegian National Railways / ROM Eiendom AS

Architect: Various Architects

Location: Lillestrøm (NO)

Photo: Ibrahim Elhayawan

Photo: Ibrahim Elhayawan

13,500 Spots: Bicycle Parkade in Utrecht

The Dutch city of Utrecht is a sort of larger-than-life laboratory for post-fossil-fuel mobility. Citizens already travel more than 40 % of their inner-city paths by bicycle - and the trend is growing. This is why the world’s largest bicycle parking lot, designed by Ector Hoogstad Architecten, has opened under the square in front of the railway station.

Client: Stadt Utrecht
Architects: Ector Hoogstad Architecten
Structural engineering: HaskoningDHV Nederland B.V.
Location: Stationsplein, Utrecht (NL)

Photo: Petra Appelhof

Photo: Petra Appelhof

https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/b/i/bild20_02.jpeg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/F/a/Favoriten_Fahrrad_TEASER-KLEIN.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/F/a/Favoriten_Fahrrad_TEASER-GROSS.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/B/i/Bicycle-parking-Ector-Hoogstad-Architecten-1_1.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/B/i/Bicycle-parking-Ector-Hoogstad-Architecten-9_1.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image
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