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Platform Coverings at Arnhem Central

Arnhem Central converts several regional routes and high speed trains to Germany. As passenger numbers will continue to grow, the railway infrastructure is being substantially revitalized by a master plan running since 1996.

Architect: UNStudio
Location: Willemsplein, 6811 KA Arnhem, The Netherlands
On the train station level a new fourth platform will be added and all current platform roofs will be replaced. The design concept for the new platform roofs provides a sense of light and space. Large roof lights, which together with the structural spans, add to a positive experience of the transfer platforms and surroundings. The elevated footbridge is fully integrated in the design, connecting the different platforms with each other and with the north entrance of the train station. The electrified system has also been integrated into the roof structure, giving a uniform appearance across all platforms.
The construction for the platform coverings and elevated footbridge for Arnhem’s train station is among one of six winners of the Dutch National Steel Prize 2012.
Project data Client: ProRail, Utrecht
Gross Roof Area: approx. 8,700 m²
Dimensions: 4 platform roofs of approximately 210 m long, with varying widths from 9-14 m
Structure and materials: steel, aluminum and cold formed glass roofs
Construction period: 2009 – 2011
Engineering: Movares
Contractor: BAM-Dura Vermeer
Visualisations: rendertaxi, Aachen
Transfer Zone Arnhem comprises a coherent plan for the station area. The expansion generates 80,000 m² of office space, 11,000 m² of shops, 150 housing units, a new station hall, a fourth railway platform, a railway underpass, a car tunnel, storage for 5,000 bicycles and a garage for 1,000 cars.
Bus terminal and train station are combined into a new type of complex – an integrated public transportation area. The area is organised as a roofed-over, climate-controlled plaza that interconnects and gives access to trains, taxis, buses, bikes, parking, office spaces and the town centre. The new identity of the station area acknowledges the regional significance of Arnhem. More than 65,000 people pass through it every day.

For many visitors the town starts here. With its central bus stops for regional and local buses and parking facilities, the station area forms the main entrance to the town. This accentuates the need for good connections to the old centre. Equally important is the urban quality of the area itself for the people who work, wait, change buses or trains, meet and shop here daily.
Transfer zone Arnhem focuses on the finding of overlapping areas of shared parameters and common values. Pedestrian movement, which is the one element that concerns every party involved in the redevelopment of the location, forms that shared element. Movement studies therefore are the cornerstone of the proposal: the analysis of the types of movement on location includes the directions of the various trajectories, their prominence in relation to other forms of transportation on the site, duration, links to different programmes, and interconnections.
The intersection of different traffic systems is reduced to a minimum to optimise pedestrian accessibility to all facilities. Light falls through from above onto the lower entrances to the station, garage and offices and creates clear and lengthy vision lines, aiding pedestrian orientation and wayfinding. Work with investors on the development of a 24-hour programme contributes to an active and safe location. Pedestrian movements, transport systems, light, construction and the distribution of the programme are fused in one continuous landscape.
Video / animation of the Arnhem Central project in the Netherlands, showing the realised phases and the upcoming transfer terminal which is sheduled for completion in 2014.
More renderings and photos in the gallery
Overall project data

Client: Municipality of Arnhem
Program: masterplan station area with infrastructure including two tunnels. Transfer hall including parking, bus terminal, retail, and offices

Gross floor surface
Transfer hall: 6,000 m²
Underground parking: 44,000 m²
Bus terminal: 7,500 m²
Office towers: 22,000 m²
Capacity: transfers per day 110,000
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