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LED light bulb

LED light bulb by Panasonic

Panasonic won a Good Design Award 2011 for a new LED light bulb that is designed in the tradition of the classic Edison bulb.The new LED light bulb by Panasonic looks like the bulb that Thomas Edison developed at the turn of the nineteenth century – including a visible filament and clear glass.

The new bulb is using just 4.4 watts of power and its LED filament is rated for up to 40,000 hours of use.

The advantage of the new Panasonic light bulb is that it is featuring LED and thus is saving energy and is not as harmful to the environment as CFLs, which contain mercury and need to be disposed of properly. The light bulb can reaches full intensity as soon as it is turned on, making it better suited in places where one does not want to have to wait for the lights to warm up.

In addition the new design is bridging a psychological gap that keeps people buying inefficient bulbs because they prefer the traditional look that Edison had started.

Two good reasons why Panasonic’s light bulb won a 2011 Good Design Award, which is hopefully pushing production.

But, even though pricing and availability have not yet been made public, it is for sure that the Panasonic light bulb will initially be expensive.


Via designboom

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