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Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co); Lilu – a swimming pool complex

Lilu – a swimming pool complex that takes a purely ecological approach

The attractive swimming pool complex by the Canadian architects Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co) is designed to merge in with its rural surroundings as naturally as possible in terms of construction and operation. The 1,000-square-metre complex will contain not only a swimming pool but also a hammam, a fitness club and a cafe. Moreover, the rural park in which it will be located is close to sports amenities including a football pitch and handball court as well as tennis and basketball facilities.

Recycled natural water will be used to fill the 300-square-metre Lilu pool, harvested in the form of rainwater from surrounding orchard and olive groves and then filtered and purified through plants such as water lilies. Chemical agents will not find use.

The pool is to be built out of local rocks, gravel and stones recovered from nearby ruins. The whole Lilu structure is enclosed by three vaults, the largest of which spans the complete length of the pool. The two smaller ones shelter further parts of the complex, which is not completely covered but partially open at the top. As the building is sunken 1.50 metres into the ground, this will reduce construction costs and help it blend in somewhat with the park surroundings.

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