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A green home for Sophie and Henry

A short story about energy, carbon dioxide and architecture
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Erscheinungsdatum: 2012
Autor: Andreas Ernstberger
Format: Hardcover - 21 x 21 cm
ISBN: 9783920034799
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Exploring and understanding architecture and sustainability

“DETAIL kids – A green home for Sophie and Henry” begins at a primary school age. It aims to give children an awareness of the dual issues of energy and environmental protection and how they are closely related to architecture and construction. Because even today, the construction and maintenance of buildings comprises around 40% of total energy consumption. It contributes to an optimistic vision of the future – while raising society's awareness for responsible environmental behaviour already from a young age. 

Using colourful and humorous drawings, children can learn about the origins of climate change and resource depletion, and how they are connected to our man-made environment: What are the links between energy efficiency and sustainability, and what is the life cycle concept of construction materials about? All by themselves, children will discover that each individual can help contain the “monster” of catastrophic climate change via simple, everyday actions. At the same time, a good example of implementation will also raise their awareness of high quality architecture. Sophie and Henry, the young heroes of the story, lead a brave journey through time across the earth while giving detailed instructions on how to complete simple, practical experiments. With scientific curiosity thus awakened, the whole family will be enthused with the latest developments in architecture and construction, for modern methods energy conservation and for renewable energies.

The book is perfect not just for home use, but also in kindergartens or schools where it can be used as a practical basis for exciting project work on the topic of architecture and the environment, revealing connections between the two that are often overlooked in everyday life...

- What is energy? Where does it come from? Where does it go?
- Environmental protection: Why save energy? What can I do to help?
- Why build sustainably? Where does architecture come from?
- The energy-saving house: How does it work?
- Choosing materials: The life cycle concept
- Find out for yourself what it all means: demonstrative experiments with a ‘wow’ factor

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