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Basics Projectmanagement Architecture

The basis for turning the plan into reality
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Erscheinungsdatum: 2013
Format: Taschenbuch - 15,0 x 22,0 cm
ISBN: 9783038214625
Publishing Company: Bert Bielefeld
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From the project planning to the construction site: basics for a career start

The core task of the classic architect, in addition to architectural design and planning work, is management of the construction project: from planning operations and tendering, to scheduling and cost planning and construction management. These important practical tasks are usually only covered during studies by one subject: Construction Management or Construction Economics, and thus treated as less significant. But every architect must master these abilities in order to manage and realize his or her own projects successfully. How are the individual processes interrelated? How are professionals networked? How do the different levels of organization function? Because of tight deadlines and strongly interdependent processes, scheduling is an important prerequisite for successful project implementation. Architects have a duty to control all those involved and to procure their services at the right times.Basics Architectural Project Management brings together the successful individual volumes, Project Planning, Tendering, Construction Scheduling, and Site Management from the student series BASICS into one volume, which is completed by the new, not yet published book Budgeting, and answers in one publication the crucial hows and whys of construction.

-The companion for advanced semesters and career starts, completed by the new volume Budgeting
-Basics for the hands-on, practical side of the profession
-The basis for turning the plan into reality
-All other established foundation books and textbooks assume a basic knowledge: the BASICS start at zero.

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