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The Future of Building: Perspectives

Methods, Objectives, Prospects
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Erscheinungsdatum: 2012
Autor: Petra von Both, Nils Fischer, Andres Lepik, Matthias Schuler, among others.
Format: Softcover - 19 x 24 cm
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Applied Research in Construction Engineering

Potential for the future of design, construction and the manufacturing process

Almost no other discipline defines the world of tomorrow more than architecture. That’s why architects and professional planners, builders and companies are already defining future building parameters today – to meet the developments and challenges of tomorrow. The focus is on specific necessities, requirements and objectives, as well as on trends and prognoses, which can also be scientifically determined for the future of architecture. Yet, which social and economic, environmental and technological developments should be considered? And how big is the role they play in reality, or in the field? 
This book brings together a selection of perspectives about the future of construction, which were exchanged during the DETAIL research symposium “Zukunftsforschung in der Architektur” (Future Research in Architecture) at the Bau 2011 trade fair. Various methods and scientific concepts dedicated to exploring the future are presented. The research background is complemented by individually selected perspectives from the field, providing a glimpse of the future through concrete objectives, whether in terms of design, materials and processes or the social relevance of architecture. 

- Trends, developments and predictions for the architecture of tomorrow
- Presentation of scientific methods based on actual research
- Results of extensive research projects and how they relate, including the resulting implications for the future
- Opportunities for research into trends in architecture

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