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Martin Szekely, no more drawing

Heroic Carbon desk designed by Martin Szekely, 2010. Photography: Fabrice Gousset. Courtesy: Galerie Kreo

The diverse work by Martin Szekely is on display under the title “No more drawing” at the Centre Pompidou Paris until January 2, 2012.The exhibition "Martin Szekely, no more drawing" features work of the Paris-based designer Martin Szekely at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. A collection of twenty research pieces and twenty industrial products of Szekely’s work of the past 15 years is on display with the aim to unite his creations for the commercial and the art world: Martin Szekely received on the one hand prestigious awards for his limited edition furniture and one-off projects for museums, private collectors and manufacturers, on the other, he is one of the leading industrial designer, creating products for example for Heineken, JC Decaux, Hermès and Perrier. Now a new exhibition at the Centre Pompidou Paris, titled aims to unite the two separate strands of Szekely's work.

Table Tore B designed by Martin Szekely, 2007. Photo: Fabrice Gousset. Courtesy: Galerie Kreo

Martin Szekely explained at the introduction to his exhibition the title “No more drawing": "Today, to me my work seems like a subtraction, down to the expressionism of drawing. This notion came from my relationship with industrial design and its creation for the largest audience possible."

Etagère T5, des étagères'. Designed by Martin Szekely, 2004. Photo: Fabrice Gousset. Courtesy: Galerie Kreo

The exhibition intends to contemplate the original issue of the "use of objects" and at the same time to shed new light on the work of the Martin Szekely as a designer.

“Martin Szekely, no more drawing”

October 12, 2011 -  January 2, 2011


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