Ausgabe 9.2023

Issue 4.2024

Balconies, Loggias, Terraces

Out into the open! Our April issue delves into the construction and design of buildings with balconies, terraces, loggias, and arcades. Sometimes these spaces extend the living area, as seen in Olaf Gipser’s high-rise in Amsterdam. In other cases, they create dynamic access zones, like the residential arcades by Lendarchitektur and Scheiberlammer Architekten in the centre of Teufenbach in Styria, which alternate between open and private areas. We also feature Casa Costa in Barcelona, a fascinating special case. Strictly speaking, the townhouse lacks outdoor areas, but its entire courtyard facade can be opened up extensively, transforming interior spaces into airy loggias that merge inside and outside. Discover two new hotels in Switzerland and Austria in our special Interiors section. We hope you enjoy exploring these features and welcome your feedback. Sandra Hofmeister

Increasing Density

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