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Spatial Orientation
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Erscheinungsdatum: 2013
Autor: Beate Kling, Torsten Krüger
Format: Taschenbuch - 23 x 29.7 cm
ISBN: 9783920034942
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Planning signage systems
Interdisciplinary work at the gateway to design

All too often, “orientation systems” are equated with “signs” – and, more often than not, only dealt with after the main design and planning work has already been completed. Frequently, the architectural requirements are the only thing remaining for the information architect to work with. However, an interdisciplinary planning and design process would make more sense. What does the architect have to consider? Or the graphic designer? How can the hierarchy of traffic flows and thus the systematic routing throughout a building be taken into account at an early stage, and what impact does this have on the design? By studying the publication’s comprehensive fundamentals and illustrative practical examples, the designer will become familiar with the complexities of guidance system design. Thanks to its detailed decision criteria for choosing materials, colours, lighting and typography, this volume also serves as a guide – from specifying requirements and scheduling to successful implementation. Using successful projects completed over the past few years, this volume presents a wide selection of different implementation possibilities – ranging from the smallest construction project up to complex structures.

- How typology and spatial concepts influence orientation systems
- “Building identity” of a place through signage
- Areas of application for various orientation systems – analogue and digital
- Design of orientation systems and orientation aids
- Guidelines, decision criteria, workflows
- Overview of relevant standards – from graphical requirements to accessibility

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