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Work Environments

Spatial Concepts, Usage strategies, Communications
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Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Format: - 23 x 29.7 cm
Publishing Company: Christian Schittich
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Integrated strategies for new work environments
Work in the midst of changing social and organisational structures

The demands placed on our workspaces have changed radically in recent times. Changing occupancy densities and use of space require flexibility in spatial structures as well as new professions and working methods in equal measure. The digitalisation of our work media influences both the planning of the workspaces as well as new materials and building technologies. As important as flexibility and technology are, the individual always occupies centre stage. How can the complex concepts relating to indoor climate, light, acoustics and ergonomics generally be reconciled with spatial structures that can be used in a variety of ways?

In accordance with the typological approach of the series in DETAIL, this book presents different work environments on the basis of their use: from office spaces to laboratories and research institutions to archives and libraries. The focus is always on the successful interplay of technical standards, organisational structures and human aspirations.

- Clear concepts for modern office spaces
- Design of multi-functional use areas
- Quality guidelines for lighting and room acoustics

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