Dominique Coulon

Pink, yellow, blue – this experimental architect (*1961) is drawn to strong colours, which he uses to provide energetic answers to the challenges of the present day. Since 2008 he and his partners have run Dominique Coulon & associés in Strasbourg, which won the American Architecture Prize in two categories in 2016. Coulon prefers building schools, retirement homes, hospitals, swimming pools and libraries in economically and socially discriminated neighbourhoods. His outstanding works include the Joséphine Baker Schools in La Courneuve, the André Malraux Schools in Montpellier and the spectacular renovation and extension of the indoor swimming pool in Bagneux near Paris. At the music conservatory in Belfort he tried out a completely new way of applying paint. His son Max, together with fellow artist Gabriel Khokha, threw paint at the walls like the action painter Jackson Pollock once did.

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