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Not only in Germany and Europe but also worldwide, building in existing structures is currently gaining in acceptance and relevance. According to the architect Marina Tabassum in Bangladesh, architects’ “responsibility begins with the question of whether we need to build at all or whether we reuse existing structures.” Learn more about how she defines the ethos of her profession in our interview in this issue (page 10).
Apart from the ecological, social, and economic necessity to do so, adaptive reuse often raises unforeseen structural and detailing issues, which we address in this issue to start off the year. We document energy-efficient renovations, the addition of new functions to existing buildings, densification of inner-city areas, and conversions. In our special Interiors section in this issue, we show the potential of existing building stock for refined home interiors. Enjoy the issue!
Sandra Hofmeister

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    Digitisation and Architecture in Teaching and Practice

    Over the past few years, digitisation in the building sector has mainly been examined from the technical perspective and accordingly dealt with on a pragmatic basis. An anthology compiled by three architects teaching at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) now takes things further by focusing on the cultural dimension of new design processes and how the analogue and digital spheres have come to intermesh in the meantime. 

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