Timber construction

Wood has a long history as a building material, and for a while it seemed as if its final chapter ended during the 1950s. But things turned out differently. Today a true renaissance in ­timber construction is underway, and in many places it is ­finding expression in urban contexts. Wood buildings are appearing in ever-greater numbers, heights and typologies, from industrial buildings and museums to sports halls. Timber ­construction has long since liberated itself from the ­cliché of single-family countryside cottages. Thanks to new tech­nologies and methods, wood has become a popular building ­ma­terial – conserving resources and offering a promising future.

Given these circumstances, it made perfect sense to start off the new year with an issue dedicated to timber construction. The topic we address in our January / February issue has long interested us; in May the “Manual of Multistorey Timber Construction” will be published in English by Edition Detail. Our current issue is dedicated to further facets of timber construction. An essay by editor Jakob Schoof examines its prevalence and tradition in European cities as well as in Canada. The technology feature ­provides insights into a research project investigating the processes involved in prefabricated timber construction. A total of seven project documentations, compiled by editor Heide Wessely (who oversaw the entire issue), show the construction details of timber construction projects currently underway in Japan, Chile and elsewhere.

With our focus on timber construction in this first issue of 2018 we engage with a tradition – and address its aspects in an issue that sports a new look. As of this issue, our magazine is entirely bilingual, with all texts including the product pages in both German and English. Detail is now even more international – our subject matter has been so for a long time already. An additional highlight awaiting you in 2018 is our green Special, which will be integrated into the magazine twice a year. Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to the new trade journal by our publishing house. Launching in March is the first issue of structure – a bilingual subscription-based review of structural design and engineering, issued four times a year.

The most noticeable change you’ll discover in this issue of Detail is our overhaul of its graphic design. An in-depth description of what this entails can be found on page 18ff. In short: Detail has been appreciated internationally for many years. We would now like to show our appreciation to you in return, dear readers.

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